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Introducing CyOPsTM v5.0
CyOPs™ v5.0 combines the best of Automation, Reporting, and Integrations in a single power-packed release

High Availability
High Availability

Ensures redundancy and minimal downtime of your CyOPsTM v5.0 system

Human Intelligence & Automation
Manual Input in Automation

Seamless blend of human intelligence and automation in CyOPsTM v5.0

RBAC Rein Over Playbooks Execution
Enhanced RBAC in Playbooks

Closely controlled role-based access for executing playbooks in CyOPsTM v5.0

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CyOPsTM v5.0 Release Highlights

We are proud to announce the CyberSponse Security Orchestration Platform (CyOPsTM) v5.0 release!

This new update focuses on providing greater control and visibility to security and playbook administrators with important additions such as Connector Store UI, High Availability, Playbook Execution RBAC, CyOPsTM Admin CLI among other useful enhancements. In addition, it features a data ingestion wizard and, to fuel the human-in-loop requirements, the playbook gets a new Manual Input step.

High Availability

High Availability support ensures redundancy and minimal downtime, saving you from potential financial and data losses. Active-Active and Active-Passive clusters are both supported, irrespective of whether you have an internal or external database.

High Availability for Disaster Recovery
Manual Input to Strengthen Automation

Manual Input to Strengthen Automation

Introducing a Manual Input step in Playbooks to strengthen the way automation blends in, with human intelligence. This opens up the possibility of accepting inputs from user during a playbook workflow and continue the workflow based on the input context.

RBAC for Tighter Rein Over Playbooks

Playbooks execution and ownership are now closely controlled with role-based access permissions. Ownership and modification of playbooks can be restricted to certain users or teams by defining the playbooks as Public or Private.

RBAC for Tighter Rein Over Playbooks
CyOPs<sup>TM</sup> Connector Store UI

CyOPsTM Connector Store UI

This release unveils the built-in Connector Store UI, which allows viewing, searching, upgrading, and installing the connectors effortlessly. Administrators can bypass using a CLI for managing connectors.

Data Ingestion Wizard for Seamless Ingestions

A dedicated Data Ingestion wizard now facilitates seamless ingestion of data from your SIEM and other external tools like TIPs and email services. A beta feature, this wizard assists in the automatic field and type mapping, and scheduling the ingestions.

Data Ingestion Wizard For Seamless Ingestions